Mechanic Near Me

St. Paul Auto Shop is friendly and experienced and will keep your vehicle in top condition.
We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround.
We also offer many preventative maintenance options. It’s the convenient way to keep your car healthy.From maintenance to repairs, we’ve got you covered. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your satisfaction is our highest priority! Continue reading

Tire Shop St. Paul

Your car can only go as far as your tires take it. If you have a commute everyday to and from work, the health of your tires is very important. If you were to run over a nail in St. Paul, MN, do you have a trusted auto mechanic that you would call? If not, our team at St. Paul Automotive would love to be that reliable auto shop for you! You can count on us for all of your tire needs. Continue reading

Four Wheel Drive Repair

Living in St Paul, MN has its ups and downs. One thing is for sure, a large amount of vehicles that we see on the road have four wheel drive. Four wheel drive is great for so many reasons. Whether you are trying to sling some mud on the off roads or just trying to make it through our heavy snow winters, four wheel drive is an excellent choice in the St. Paul, MN area. Seriously, just throw your gear onto “low” and let the good times roll! That is, if your four wheel drive is working properly. Sometimes “throwing it in gear” is not always possible. If your four wheel drive is not working and you think you are in need of repair, St. Paul Automotive has got you covered. Continue reading

Automotive Repair Shop

Saint Paul Auto has proudly serviced you with exceptional auto repair services around the Twin Cities area for the past 35 years. As a result of our staffs hard work, and our loyal customers we have been the leading auto repair shop in our community. We love serving our community and provide quality work at a competitive price and Every service is performed with the latest technology and the top quality parts on the market. Continue reading

Car Repair Shop Transmission

We are St.Paul’s premier source for transmission repair information and transmission problem solving. Our mission is to provide you with the resources you need to keep your transmission running, or get it fixed quickly. Whether its transmission maintenance, simple transmission repair, or a complete transmission rebuild, you can trust us. We are here for you to provide you with the information, the products and the customer service you deserve. Continue reading

Vehicle Electrical Repair

Electrical issues can be difficult to troubleshoot, and oftentimes many vehicle owners are unaware what the underlying issue is, and how to solve it. Most of the time it is not obvious and it takes scanners to understand the electrical system because of many components and interconnections. The electrical components contribute to how the vehicle operates including, starting, keeping it running and keeping all electrical components working properly including the battery, alternator and starter. These are all crucial components of your car and they need to be operating in order for you to operate your vehicle. At St. Paul Automotive we will look at your vehicle to understand what is going on and what we need to do to fix it including: a thorough visual inspection of battery and case condition; check to ensure your battery can still deliver adequate power, and replace it if necessary; electrical cable connections are examined and adjusted, if necessary; engine diagnostics may be necessary to troubleshoot sophisticated systems or complex electrical problems. Continue reading

Radiator Maintenance & Repairs MN

In St. Paul, MN, we take pride in our local businesses. It’s no secret that St. Paul Automotive has been your neighborhood auto repair shop for over 35 years. Many others have come and gone throughout our time and therefore, we feel pretty grateful for the community we serve and for the families and businesses that trust us with their vehicles. At St. Paul Automotive, we don’t just want to repair your car, we want to earn your trust and cultivate a relationship that lasts for many years. We are a professional service that you can count on, specializing in radiator maintenance & repairs. Continue reading

Brake Repair Shop

A fully functioning brake system is crucial to your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road. The brake system in your car involves highly engineered parts and precise movements that make your vehicle stop. When you press down on the brake pedal, the master cylinder pressurizes a system of hydraulic brake lines leading to each of the vehicle’s wheels, where brake pads or shoes press against a disc or drum. This creates the necessary friction needed to slow the vehicle to a complete stop, safely. Over time, the friction and heat has the potential to wear down the brake shoes, brake pads, calipers, brake rotors, and other braking components. When this happens you need to have your car looked at, and have your brakes repaired. Continue reading

Affordable High Performance Mechanic

When you really think about it, your car is one of the most vital tools you use in your day to day life. Until something goes wrong with it, people generally take for granted how much they rely on their vehicle to get them from place to place. At St. Paul Automotive, we are an affordable, high performance automotive shop that understands just how important your car is to you. Serving St Paul, East St Paul, Highland Park, and South St Paul, MN, we cultivate an environment where your family quickly becomes ours. Continue reading

Repair Shop Near Me

Everyone knows where the best restaurants, schools and shopping areas are around St. Paul, MN, but what about the best auto repair shop? The truth is that the last thing you want to find yourself dealing with is an inexperienced or misleading auto repair shop. Thankfully, our trusted and affordable team at St. Paul Automotive is right in your backyard. Our goal is to get you back on the road in a timely fashion, without jeopardizing your vehicle in any way. As a local repair shop near you, we’re eager to be your one stop shop for any type of repairs that you need. Continue reading