St. Paul Brake Repair

Many things make St. Paul Automotive different than so many other automobile mechanics, but among the most important is St. Paul Auto’s adherence to honesty, open communication, and our customer service.  St. Paul’s Automotive cares about its clients and works hard to keep them.  When you trust your car to an automotive shop for brake repair, brake replacement, rotors, and brake pads, it helps to know that your mechanic is trustworthy.  If you have heard noises coming from your wheels, or your brakes just do not feel like they used to, contact us today. Our team can provide a comprehensive brake inspection to determine what parts of  your brakes need repairs.  Your vehicle’s brakes are critical to safe driving, and our team can make sure that they are working properly. Continue reading

Car Battery Replacement St. Paul

That moment when you go to crank your car and nothing happens…#fail. If you’ve been driving for at least five years, maybe even less, then you know exactly what we are talking about. That’s right, your battery is D.E.A.D, dead. Unfortunately, just like everything else we can’t control in the world, sometimes car batteries just die. Especially if you have little ones, a light will be cut on and never cut off, or maybe you ran the radio just a little too long while you were cleaning out your car, or maybe you’ve just had the battery for years. No matter what the reasons are, the ultimate problem needs to be solved. At St. Paul Automotive, we are a local auto mechanic shop that solves your problem quickly and easily. When you need a battery replacement in St. Paul, we deliver with bells on. Continue reading

Auto HVAC Repair St. Paul 

Whether it’s your heating or AC system, when something goes wrong with your vehicle’s HVAC system, it almost always makes for severely uncomfortable car rides. While you might contemplate rolling your windows down to stay cool this summer without your air conditioning or bundling up in the winter when your heating system fails, you should rethink these decisions and consider simply having your vehicle’s HVAC ventilation system repaired instead. At St. Paul Automotive, we maintain and repair vehicles every day for drivers in the St. Paul, Minnesota area, and we have what it takes to make heating and cooling repairs that will leave your vehicle as warm or cold as you’d like. You won’t even have to come back to get that “strange noise” checked out because we’ll make sure your vehicle is in better shape before it leaves our shop. Continue reading