Importance Of Radiator Maintenance And Repair

It makes sense that extremes in weather can place increased demands on your car or truck. As the weather gets colder, you will use your heater and defroster more frequently, but as important as those features are to your comfort as a driver or passenger, they do not have much to do with the primary functioning of your car or truck. Your vehicle’s radiator, however, does. Your radiator is pushed, sometimes to its limits, during the extremes of weather. St. Paul Automotive provides radiator maintenance and repair to car and truck owners in Minnesota. Continue reading

Heating And AC Car Repair In St Paul

There are two times of the year when vehicle owners are concerned about their climate control systems: before the weather gets hot and, especially in Minnesota, when the weather begins to get cold. Of course, that makes sense. When the temperatures are very hot or very cold, we need to know that the time we spend in our cars and trucks will be as comfortable as possible. St. Paul Automotive’s staff has decades of collective experience and expertise in every area of vehicle maintenance, including diagnosis and repair of your car’s heating and air conditioning systems. Continue reading

Vehicle Emission Work

Most auto repair shops market themselves as being “full service” shops, but few have the track record to back up that kind of claim. St. Paul Automotive is different. We can back up every claim we make about our depth of knowledge of old vehicles and new vehicles, foreign vehicles and domestic vehicles, gas powered engines and hybrid engines. We can help you with diagnostics, repairs and preventative maintenance. Continue reading