4 Signs You Need Wheel Bearing Replacement

Modern automobiles have many more complicated components than their older, more classic counterparts. Still, there are many aspects of modern cars that remain simple. For example, all cars still use wheel bearings. A wheel bearing is, in its simplest form, a set of steel balls contained inside a metal ring that fits inside the hub of each wheel. Wheel bearings support the weight of the car, give it a smoother ride, and provide stability. They also take a lot of punishment, given that they are always in use. Sometimes the punishment they suffer from normal to extreme driving means they need to be replaced. St. Paul Automotive provides excellent and affordable wheel bearing repairs.

Below are 4 Signs You Need Wheel Bearing Replacement:

  1. You hear a howling noise while driving. Wheel bearings do not have a constant lubrication source, which means that friction can build up inside the hub of a wheel. The friction that occurs inside the wheel bearing can manifest audibly, creating a kind of howling, or squealing, sound. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with one or more wheel bearings.
  2. Your car pulls right or left while driving. Pulling to one side is also a sign of wheel misalignment, but if you have a bad wheel bearing, you may also feel a pulling to one side or the other.
  3. One or more wheels feel loose. If you check the tightness of your lug nuts and they are all adequately tight, yet you still feel a looseness in one or more wheels as you drive, it may be a bad wheel bearing. A bad wheel bearing can cause your car to feel less responsive to your steering.
  4. You hear and/or feel a grinding as you drive. Like the howling described above, grinding may also be audible. But grinding is also more likely to be felt as you drive. The failure of the bearings inside the wheel housing may be extreme enough for what was once a howling to have become grinding. If there is a combination of these signs present as you drive, it is almost certainly a larger sign that you need a wheel bearing replacement.

Wheel Bearing Replacement in St. Paul

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