4 Wheel Drive Repair Shop

As winter begins to rear its ugly head in Minnesota, you likely are wondering whether your 4 wheel drive vehicle is ready for the onslaught of winter weather that’s sure to be here before we know it. Thankfully, if you’re looking for help to ensure your four wheel drive vehicle is ready for winter, the team at St. Paul Automotive is more than up to the task. We’ve been in business in the Minnesota area for more than 30 years and have long specialized in 4 wheel drive repair.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicles Require Additional Maintenance

If you own an all-wheel drive vehicle, or four wheel drive vehicle, it’s important to remember that you will need to schedule additional service over and above your normal routine auto maintenance services. Because maintenance likely differs between manufacturers, it’s critical to refer to your owner’s manual as well as the mechanics at St. Paul Automotive to chart out a plan for four wheel drive service.

Below are some of the more common auto repair services that should be performed on your four wheel drive vehicle:

  • Locking Hub Service – Maintenance of your locking hubs is essential to your vehicles performance. We’ll disassemble your locking hubs then clean and lubricate them to ensure they switch properly from two wheel drive to four wheel drive.
  • Transfer Case Service – A transfer case inspection should be done regularly to check fluid levels, look for dirt, debris and other signs of wears, and add additional lubricant to your transfer case when necessary.
  • Differential System Service – Differential repair service involves draining and refilling your differential fluid to ensure it’s working properly.

Four Wheel Drive Repair Service

If your four wheel drive vehicle hasn’t been maintained in quite some time, it’s important to give our team a call as soon as possible. We would be happy to inspect and service your four wheel drive vehicle to ensure it’s ready come winter time. Whether you’re an off road aficionado, or just looking to be able to drive through the occasional snowstorm, it’s critical that you properly maintain your four wheel drive vehicle. Don’t wait until you’re stranded on the side of the road because your four wheel drive system won’t properly engage. At St. Paul Automotive, we have a team of certified mechanics with more than 30+ years of experience ready to tackle any auto repair you may need. Feel free to give us a call today at 651-298-0956 or reach out to us through our online contact form.