ABS Brake Repair Shop St Paul

Owning a vehicle is much more than joy rides and getting to the office on time. Like owning anything that’s a financial investment, your vehicle will last longer and retain value the better you care for it, and if you let maintenance and repairs slide, the value of your vehicle quickly depreciates, and any problems quickly become worse and worse. General maintenance and upkeep are important, but especially when it comes to brakes, making the necessary repairs in a timely manner is imperative to keeping you safe on the road and ensuring your vehicle isn’t damaged further because of old brakes. At St. Paul Automotive, we want to be your St. Paul, MN ABS brake repair shop of choice – because we love what we do, and we’re good at it.

Brake Replacement and Repairs

Dealing with brakes means understanding all of the components in the braking system and making repairs that will benefit every piece of that system. Sometimes, repairs are simple, and we just have to fix a small problem with the anti-lock brake sensors or replace a brake pad. But in other instances, brake problems can be much more severe. Depending on how long you’ve let your brakes go unchecked or unrepaired, you could be looking at some serious damage to your brakes. When making brake repairs or replacing brake components, we look for issues that have to deal with:

• Brake pedals
• Brake pads
• Hydraulic brake fluid
• Brake master cylinders
• Brake sensors
• Power brake boosters
• Disc brakes
• Drum brakes

Symptoms of Brake Failure

Part of ensuring you’re taking good care of your vehicle is keeping a close eye – and ear – on how your vehicle is performing. If your brakes are failing, there will be signs, and you should always have your vehicle inspected when you notice anything amiss in your brakes. If you’ve ever driven with worn-out brakes, you’ll recognize the horrible squealing sound that’s common in failing brakes. You might also hear other types of unwanted noises coming from your wheels, feel a difference in how quickly or effectively your vehicle stops, or feel a difference in how your brake pedal functions.

When to Get Brakes Inspected?

You should, of course, have your brakes inspected every time you think there’s a problem. If you hear or feel any of the symptoms of brake failure, be sure to get your vehicle checked sooner rather than later to avoid further damage or putting yourself in danger on the road. However, even if you haven’t felt anything wrong with your brakes, you should always be conscious of when your brakes were last checked by a professional mechanic. When you take your vehicle in for service, typically for a 6-month checkup, you should have your brakes inspected to make sure they’re in good working order. That way, you won’t have to worry about coming back to the shop if your brakes begin to show signs of wear later.
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