ABS System Repair

Since 1980, St. Paul Automotive has successfully kept themselves ahead of the curve of developments in auto design and repair. There have been times when technology has taken huge leaps and other times when the changes in auto engineering and design were more subtle and gradual. St. Paul Automotive has kept pace with those changes. One example of a great improvement in auto design is the anti-lock brake (ABS) systems that are standard on new cars these days.

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We can make full repairs to your ABS System and ensure that you can be back on the road quickly and safely. When it comes to anti-lock brakes, it is also important that car owners understand how to use them. As you know, Minnesota’s weather can be extremely harsh and cold. With that cold can come snow and ice, and with the snow and ice comes more treacherous driving conditions. Many people, while driving on slick roads, go back to their old habits of pumping the brakes when they are attempting to slow their vehicles down on roads that may be slick.
Pumping the brakes worked on older-generation cars because it was more likely to prevent the brakes from locking up on slick roads. Anti-lock brake systems, however, are designed to do the pumping for you. So a driver who pumps anti-lock brakes might actually prevent the brakes from working as intended—by placing uniform pressure on your brake pedal, the ABS system is designed to prevent the brakes from locking up by pumping automatically. Not only does this action create the potential for the ABS system to be canceled out, it can be unsafe and cause damage.

Ensure your Vehicle’s Safety with ABS System Repair

Like most advances in automobile technology, the ABS systems are much more sophisticated than their generational predecessors. Expert knowledge of ABS systems is necessary to ensure that your vehicle’s safety is kept at an optimum level. St. Paul Automotive offers this level of expertise. We are confident because we work hard to keep ourselves educated and up to date with advances in repair techniques. We care about what we do because we care about the safety of our customers.

There are many things that can cause your ABS system to need repair, and we want you to feel confident that we can both identify the source issues and repair those issues effectively. Give St. Paul Automotive a call at (651) 298-0956 or stop by our Randolph Avenue auto shop to have us take a look at your vehicle’s ABS system.