Air Conditioning Recharge St. Paul, MN

If you are heading up to cabin, embarking on a family road trip, heading off to college or just commuting to work or school on congested highways, you need to have an ice cold air conditioning unit in your vehicle. The dog days of summer can drag on with hot, humid temperatures that can make you really uncomfortable as you sit in traffic. The Minnesota State Fair often arrives with hot, hazy days and nights. If the A/C in your car is less than impressive and needs recharging or repair, St. Paul Automotive can help. Our technicians have extensive experience in working with air conditioners in all types of vehicles. You can rely on an certified mechanic to properly diagnose the problem, add refrigerant if needed and make the interior of your vehicle cozy comfortable as you hit the road on your next adventure.

Diagnosing Air Conditioning Problems

Air cooling and conditioning systems in automobiles are made up of two separate sides called the high side and low side. When your car’s AC isn’t blowing cold air there could be a problem with elements located in either the high or low compartment. Air conditioning systems can spring a leak that may damage the vehicle’s compressor. A loose fitting, worn out hose or seal could be the reason that there is no cold air coming out of the vents. Auto repair technicians at St. Paul Auto are experts in diagnosing car AC problems and finding ways to make cost effective repairs when possible.

  • Automobile AC System High Side: The A/C compressor pumps refrigerant through the system as it moves to the low side area.
  • Automobile AC System Low Side: An expansion valve restricts the flow of refrigerant through the AC system as it lowers the pressure and cools the temperature down.

AC Freon Evacuate and Recharge Service

After a St. Paul Automotive car care technician has determined that there is no AC refrigerant leak, the system may be recharged. Old Freon can be evacuated and the system recharged with new Freon. Once everything has been expertly checked for proper pressure, temperature control and cooling performance, you will be good to go.

Cool Comfortable Car Rides

Don’t suffer through the heat when St. Paul Automotive can have your car A/C system at top performance. Allergy sufferers are especially aware of the need for cool comfortable car rides without having to drive around with your windows down. Give us a call if you need AC recharging or repair service that is fast and affordable.

Call St. Paul Automotive to have your car A/C system recharged ASAP. Call us for an appointment at (651) 298-0956.