Alignment Shop St Paul

New and state of the art technology means that cars are more complicated than ever. And all that technology also means that cars are more reliable than ever. One aspect of a car that remains pretty simple is the alignment process. It is almost inevitable that if you drive your car long enough or hit a Minnesota pothole just right, your car will need an alignment. And we have the technology to realign your car to the millimeter. Given the complexity of modern cars, it is important for your mechanic to be exact when performing an alignment of your vehicle. Millimeters may seem tiny in most ways, but when it comes to auto alignment, you should expect your auto shop to take the necessary care to get your car in exact alignment. For some auto shops, “close enough” is good enough. But not for St. Paul Automotive, where “exact” is the only acceptable outcome of an alignment job.

Importance of Checking Your Vehicle’s Alignment

We strive for precise alignments not just because it means loyal customers and repeat business. We employ the most accurate methods of alignment to save you money down the road and, in extreme cases, return your car to a level of safety that you deserve. If your suspension is misaligned, your tires wear unevenly and prematurely. Most often, this just means that you have to replace your tires sooner than you anticipated or wanted to. But we never want our customers’ safety to be at risk because of extreme misalignment of their wheels. We will make sure that your wheels are properly aligned and will be honest with you about whether or not your tires have been negatively affected by the misalignment.

Experienced Alignment Experts in St Paul

One of the most obvious signs that a car needs to be aligned is when you feel it pulling to the right or left when you are driving. However, the signs of misalignment are not always so convenient or obvious. We can measure the degree to which your car is out of alignment with precision. If there is an issue, we will show you the data so you can make an informed decision about how you want to proceed. If your car is out of alignment but is not pulling to one side or the other, we will do our best to explain the issue and how best to address it. But in the vast majority of cases, customers will inform us that their car is pulling to one side, and that almost always means alignment is necessary.

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