All-Wheel Drive Mechanic

All wheel drive vehicles definitely come in handy around Minnesota. With the tough weather that hits the area especially during the winter months, all-wheel drive vehicles give you added control when roads are in poor condition. The question for all wheel drive vehicle owners around the area is who is your mechanic? Well, if you’re not sure, or if you’ve had a bad experience with one in the past and are ready for a fresh start with a new mechanic, look no further than St. Paul Automotive. We are St. Paul’s premier all-wheel drive mechanic.

Experienced All-Wheel Drive Mechanic

When it comes to being a mechanic, experience is critical. Maintenance and repairs on all wheel drive vehicles may be different than that of a 2-wheel drive vehicle. At St. Paul Automotive, we’ve been in the mechanic industry since 1980 and we’ve worked on all wheel drive vehicles for a very long time.

 All-Wheel Drive Repairs and Maintenance

Often times, we hear about the dishonesty that many of our current all-wheel drive vehicle customers experienced with their past mechanics. Let’s face it, the average person doesn’t know a whole lot about the structure and design of an all-wheel drive vehicle. So, a mechanic could easily trick a customer into investing in all wheel drive repair or maintenance expenses that aren’t truly necessary. At St. Paul Automotive, we pride ourselves in being the exact opposite of those dishonest mechanics. When dealing with our top notch mechanics, you can trust that only the necessary all-wheel drive repairs and maintenance will be recommended by our staff. Our upfront staff is more focused on building a relationship with our clients that will last a lifetime than trying to make a few extra dollars. That’s where our motto, ‘where your family becomes ours’ derives from.

Full Service All Wheel Drive Mechanic

When it comes to servicing your all-wheel drive vehicle, St. Paul Automotive has you covered. We specialize in a wide range of services ranging from brakes, tires, engine maintenance, electrical, heating and a/c issues, and regular all-wheel drive maintenance.

Once you bring your all-wheel drive vehicle to our trusted mechanics at St. Paul Automotive, we’re confident that you’ll be back again in the future. Quite simply, your family becomes ours the minute you drive onto our property. To set up your repair or maintenance needs with our all-wheel drive mechanic, pick up the phone and call St. Paul Automotive today at (651) 298-0956.