Alternator Shop St Paul

For over 35 years, St. Paul Automotive has been your trusted automotive repair shop handling everything from routine maintenance to even the most complicated repairs. We have worked on just about any make and model you can think of and consider ourselves the leaders in quality auto repair for St. Paul, MN. Today we are turning our attention to alternator repairs and the things you, as a loyal customer, should be aware of.

Alternator Replacement St Paul

If you aren’t a mechanic or haven’t spent much time around cars, it’s not entirely uncommon to not know what an alternator is. The alternator is basically the component of the car that helps produce an electrical current so that your car can turn on and continue to run. Side by side with the battery, an alternator is crucial in helping your vehicle go! So, if your alternator is showing signs of failure, it’s better to come in sooner rather than later and get it checked out!

Alternator Failure Signs

Worst case scenario, you ignore all the signs that there’s a problem with your alternator and then you are unable to crank your car. This almost always happens when you’ve got somewhere you absolutely need to be! In order to avoid that scenario, looking for signs on when to bring your vehicle in is crucial! Common signs include:

Checking the lights can be a big clue – If the brightness of your vehicle’s lights seem a little dim, perhaps your alternator isn’t producing the right amount of energy. In the same respect, this can be said for the radio too! Some cars are smart enough that the radio won’t turn on because it’s saving that energy for your actual vehicle.
Trouble starting the car – While we mostly assume it has something to do with the battery, let’s not forget that the alternator is its partner. If you have to turn your key a few times before it starts or you’re having to hold the key in the ignition, perhaps it’s mostly an alternator problem.
Ooo-ooo that smell – Can’t you smell that? Perhaps there are some unusual smells and noises coming from the vehicle. The belt on the alternator could be burning out, causing a burnt rubber stench and a whining noise from the front end of your car.
Warning lights aren’t for fun – Most vehicles have an alternator light and if it turns on, you need to address the issue right away. This will help you to avoid further damage and may save you money in the process.

No matter what sign you may see, hear, or even smell, the important thing is to get it checked by someone you trust. At St. Paul Automotive, we will take a look at your vehicle and assess the need for a new alternator. Whether it’s maintenance, repair, or replacement, we can help get you back on the road at an affordable price. For more information about our alternator repair shop in St. Paul, MN, give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.