Auto Electrical Repairs St Paul

When you purchase a car, it is assumed that the electrical components of your vehicle will not have to be replaced for quite some time, or never in some cases. The truth is that all cars are different and it is the luck of the draw as to whether or not your vehicle will have electrical issues over its lifespan. If you are currently dealing with faulty electrical issues such as a broken turn signal or a malfunctioning digital screen, it is important to have an auto shop on your side. If you are in search of an auto shop in St. Paul, MN who performs electrical repairs, look no further than our team at St. Paul Automotive, where your family becomes ours!

Team You Can Count On

Anytime that you may be dealing with an auto repair issue, our team can help. Our full service auto mechanic team can handle just about any issues you are dealing with, including electrical repairs. Our ASE-certified technicians have the experience and knowledge to give the confidence you need when you drive off of our lot. While you wait for your vehicle’s electrical issues to be addressed, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi Internet. Additionally, you’ll have access to plenty of refreshments including coffee, tea, soda and juice boxes. Concerned that you have your children with you while you wait? At St. Paul Automotive, we love the family lifestyle, which is why we have a special play area for children to make your wait time much more relaxing.

Minor & Major Electrical Repairs St Paul

At St. Paul Automotive, we don’t shy away from electrical repairs, big or small. Our auto mechanics have been providing auto repairs, including minor and major electrical repairs to members of this great community. Some of the minor repairs that we frequently work on include the car’s computer system, interior and exterior lights, as well as sensors. Some of the more major electrical issues that we have repaired over the years include the battery, alternator and even the vehicle starter.

Scheduling regular maintenance on your vehicle is one way to ensure that your electrical components stay in good shape. If you experience any electrical issues, our team at St. Paul Automotive can take care of the repairs for you. Providing automotive repair services in St. Paul, MN since 1992, give our auto shop a call today at (651) 298-0956 to take advantage of our elite service options.