Auto Heating Repairs in St. Paul

Weather around St. Paul, MN is getting colder as we quickly approach winter. While you’re busy pulling out your winter clothes from the attic, have you checked on how the heater in your automobile is performing? Heating your vehicle is a must in the winter, so the last thing that you want to deal with when these cold temperatures arrive is a faulty auto heater. The good news is that our team at St. Paul Automotive is experienced in auto heating repairs and we can make sure that the heater in your vehicle is ready for all of the winter weather headed to St. Paul.

Auto Heating Repair Specialties

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, you likely have one of two kinds of heating systems. Some auto repair shops only specialize in one type, while our heating repair experts can handle both. These two heating systems include:

  • Water-Valve Heating System – With this type of heating system, all of the air goes through the matrix. The temperature is regulated by controlling the amount of hot water going through the matrix.
  • Air-Blending Heating System – With this type of heating system, the matrix remains at a steady temperature. The warm air from the matrix is then mixed with cool air while temperature regulated flaps regularly open and close.

Auto Heating Repair Experts

Dating back to 1982, members of the St. Paul community have counted on our auto heating repair experts to handle their heating needs. There are no heating repairs too big for our staff. All we need for you to do is put your faith in our dedicated crew and we’ll handle the rest. To make this process a little bit less stressful, we offer a free estimate on your auto heating repair needs. With this estimate, you’ll find that our prices are very affordable and the work we perform is top notch. The goal of our entire staff is to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable during the cold months of the year.

Don’t wait until the temperatures are frigid before bringing your vehicle to St. Paul Automotive for your auto heating repair needs. Instead, set an appointment with our mechanics in the near future so that we can get your heater back in working order before the cold temperatures are here to stay. Heating your vehicle is a must this winter, and our certified mechanics are the auto heating partners in St. Paul that you’ve been seeking. Give us a call today at (651) 298-0956 to schedule your auto heating repair needs.