Auto HVAC Repair St. Paul 

Whether it’s your heating or AC system, when something goes wrong with your vehicle’s HVAC system, it almost always makes for severely uncomfortable car rides. While you might contemplate rolling your windows down to stay cool this summer without your air conditioning or bundling up in the winter when your heating system fails, you should rethink these decisions and consider simply having your vehicle’s HVAC ventilation system repaired instead. At St. Paul Automotive, we maintain and repair vehicles every day for drivers in the St. Paul, Minnesota area, and we have what it takes to make heating and cooling repairs that will leave your vehicle as warm or cold as you’d like. You won’t even have to come back to get that “strange noise” checked out because we’ll make sure your vehicle is in better shape before it leaves our shop.

Reliable St. Paul Air Conditioning Repair Company

During the hot and humid summers, when temperatures work their way into the 80s and 90s, driving can be absolutely unbearable for anyone without working AC. You can try rolling your windows down to flood your car with air, but that’s usually only effective when you’re on the highway driving 65 mph. If you’re driving through town, or even on back roads, though, the wind is rarely strong enough to provide much relief, and you probably find yourself hot and sticky every time you peel yourself from your car’s seats. Fortunately for you, we’re here to make sure that you can enjoy your summer without dripping with sweat every time you get where you’re going. We work with every vehicle make and model, so if you’re looking for a shop to service all of your family vehicles, look no further. Not matter the problem, whether it’s a failing compressor, a broken expansion valve, or refrigerant that needs replacing, we’ll find your AC issue and repair it so that you can be on your air conditioned way without needing to stick your head in a freezer when you get home.

Water-Valve and Air-Blending Heating Systems Repairs

When your vehicle’s heater stops working during a Minnesota winter, it can mean days and nights of misery for anyone who has to drive. With freezing temperatures, strong winds, hail, and snow, you can bet that if you don’t have heat this winter, you’re going to wish you’d gotten your HVAC ventilation system checked and repaired long before the cold weather struck. At St. Paul Automotive, we specialize in both air-blending heating system repairs and water-valve heating system repairs, making sure that whatever vehicle you have, we have the tools and experience to make the necessary repairs. So stop shivering, take off the blankets, and come to St. Paul Automotive for your vehicle heating repairs so that you can turn on the heat this winter!

If you’re in need of HVAC ventilation system repairs, whether it be to fix your heating system or air conditioner, St. Paul Automotive is here to help. Call our St. Paul, Minnesota mechanics today at (651) 298-0956, and get back to driving in comfort.