Auto Repair Service in St. Paul MN

St. Paul Automotive is an excellent choice for Auto Repair Service in St. Paul, MN. We have served the automobile owners of the St. Paul community since 1980, and in the nearly forty years we have been in operation, we have stayed ahead of the pace of automotive advancements and technology and have become a trusted and reliable repair service as a result. In our time in business, automobiles have changed a lot in some ways and remained exactly the same in many other ways.

Tire and Brake Service for Your Vehicle

One thing about automobiles that has remained the same not only since 1980, but since the first car rolled off of Henry Ford’s assembly line, is that a car’s tires are always in contact with the road. The simplicity of that statement should not obscure the importance of it. While tire technology has made them last longer and provide more stability, they are still round, made of rubber, eventually wear out and need to be replaced, and occasionally suffer damage that requires immediate repair. We can help you find the best possible new tires for your vehicle, or we can repair a tire if that is possible. We will provide you with an honest assessment of what your vehicle needs.

Rotating your tires should also be done periodically. Exactly when they should be rotated is determined by the car’s owner’s manual and variables like how many miles you put on your vehicle and how much you may carry in it. For example, a small compact car that does not carry heavy loads is more likely to require tire rotation and replacement closer to the maximum recommended mileage than a large pickup truck that carries heavy equipment. At both ends of the spectrum and at every point in between, St. Paul Automotive can help you determine what your tires need.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in St. Paul, MN

Your tires are inextricably linked to your car’s brake system. The system itself is more complex, but its fundamental purpose remains the same: it helps you control the speed of your vehicle and stop it when you want it to stop. Our work on brakes and brake systems cannot be beat. We do repairs, replacement, and diagnosis of issues that are preventing your brakes from working optimally. Sometimes, the symptoms of failing brakes are obvious—you may hear a new screeching sound when braking and find that you need longer distances to stop your car. However, many people also get used to subtle changes in their brakes over time. We can help you by providing a brake inspection to get an accurate assessment of their condition.

Related to both tires and brakes is your car’s suspension system. Your suspension lends stability to your driving and comfort when riding on imperfect surfaces. When your tires, brakes, and suspension are in good working order, your car is that much closer to being in 100% excellent shape. St. Paul Auto can help you get it there. Contact us at (651) 298-0956 if you would like to schedule an appointment for auto repair.