Automotive Air Conditioning Testing & Repair St. Paul

At St. Paul Automotive, we believe that all of our customers should be put first. We want to make sure that you aren’t only comfortable while you are visiting us, but also comfortable in your vehicle. A simple amenity, like your air conditioning unit, should always be available for use. Honestly, if you’ve ever had your AC unit go out during the dead heat of summer, it’s likely you understand that this simple amenity is something that we all can take for granted. At St. Paul Automotive, we perform AC testing and repairs for any and all vehicles that need it.

An Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

With over 30 years in the business, our auto repair shop has become one of the most highly regarded shops in the area. We serve the community with quality repair work and provide affordable prices for all of our customers. We believe that once you step into our doors, you should be treated like family. Everyone gets the family discount at St. Paul Automotive! Every test and repair we do is done with precision and integrity. We utilize our resources, pulling top quality parts and using the latest technology to complete our work. Our technicians are ASE-certified and have over 90 years of experience combined. If you are looking for trustworthy, quality work, St. Paul Automotive is the place to be.

AC Testing and Repair

There are many reasons that the AC in your vehicle may not be working well. Your A/C system plays a crucial role in your comfortability on a daily basis. Typically, there are two parts of your A/C system. We like to divide the two and call them the high and low side. The high side contains the compressor. The compressor is the part that keeps all the coolant moving through the system. If there is a leak or problem with the compressor, you can guess that you’ll quickly know it. The low side contains the expansion valve which lowers the pressure and temperature of the coolant. Without a properly functioning expansion valve, you are looking at a very hot ride in the summertime. No matter what your issue may be, our professionals at St. Paul Automotive can have your car up and running in no time, leaving you with cool, refreshing air blowing through your vents once again.

For more information about AC testing and repair, call your trusted professionals here at St. Paul Automotive and let us take care of you. For all of your AC related questions and issues, contact us today at (651) 298-0956.