Automotive Alignment Service

There are aspects of automobile ownership and driving that are always obvious. You know if your car’s engine is making a high-pitched squealing noise or if your car goes over a large pothole. But there are other aspects of driving that are less obvious, until they become a bigger problem. A good example is your car’s wheel alignment. Hitting potholes can gradually cause your car to go out of alignment. When the problem is subtle, you will see the results in uneven tire wear. If the problem becomes more severe, you will begin to feel your car pulling to the right or the left and feeling less responsive to your steering as a result. St. Paul Automotive can help you in all such cases.

Car Alignment Repair

Our team has the tools and expertise to realign your car precisely. Our mechanics take pride in being careful and accurate in their work, and the best part of their obsession with precision is that you and your car benefit directly from it. We value exactness when providing alignment services because it can extend the life of your tires. No one wants to replace your tires much sooner than you anticipated. Our precision can save you money.

If you have neglected having your car serviced and the alignment is severely off, your car may be developing greater safety issues. So, whether the alignment issue you are dealing with is subtle or severe, we recommend bringing your car in for service. Aligning automobile wheels takes experience and expertise, but it tends to be a simple fix. And given the long-term benefits associated with safety and lower expenses, there really is no good reason not to.

Trusted St. Paul Repair Shop

Our auto repair specialists are professional, kind and also honest. Whatever the issue may be with your car, we will provide you with a dispassionate assessment based on our expertise in automotive service. We will share our data with you so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. When you have worked with us for a while, we are confident you will come to understand that we work hard to be a trustworthy service provider. We will not take your trust for granted, and will strive to fix your car correctly, be honest about timeframe and pricing, and get you back on the road as soon as is possible.

To schedule an appointment for an alignment with us, you can either call St. Paul Automotive at (651) 298-0956 stop by our shop on Randolph Avenue.