Automotive Extended Warranty Shop Near Me

If you are looking for an automotive extended warranty shop near you that can handle all types of repair needs, there’s no better partner than St. Paul Automotive. St. Paul, MN is our home and our clients in the region are always our top priority. Keeping your vehicle in working order for as long as possible should be a goal of yours. By teaming up with our staff and taking advantage of our automotive extended warranty expertise, this goal can easily be achieved.

ASE-Certified Technician

When it comes to your extended warranty needs, it’s important that an experienced group of automotive mechanics are handling the work. That way you can ensure that your extended warranty is not jeopardized. By choosing St. Paul Automotive, you’ll gain access to our ASE-certified technicians that use the best technology and most advanced tools available in the industry. Additionally, we require that each member of our automotive repair team has continuing education throughout the year. That way we are able to stay on top of the newest trends as a whole. To top it off, our automotive extended warranty shop near you has been around for over 35 years. You can bet that we have seen it all as far as auto repairs go.

Automotive Extended Warranty Shop

At St. Paul Automotive, we understand exactly how extended warranties work. We’ll work to ensure that all of your vehicle maintenance and repairs are handled appropriately so that your extended warranty remains in good standing. As an automotive extended warranty shop, we can handle all of your vehicle needs including:

● Brake Repairs
● Tire Rotations and Repairs
● Tune Ups
● Electrical and Battery Repairs
● Alternator Repairs
● Suspension and Alignment Adjustments
● Muffler and Exhaust Repairs
● Heating and Cooling Repairs
● Transmission Repairs
● Much more!

Free Vehicle Inspection

Our team at St. Paul Automotive wants you to feel comfortable about your extended warranty needs from start to finish. To help initially, we offer a free inspection of your vehicle to determine what types of items need to be addressed within your extended warranty. Being that this inspection is free, our clients are able to identify their issues without a financial commitment. We’re confident that you’ll find our pricing affordable. Additionally, we don’t recommend repairs that aren’t truly needed like other auto repair shops in St. Paul, MN may do.

Choosing the right automotive extended warranty shop near you is very important. If you are in the St. Paul, MN area, the perfect team to choose is St. Paul Automotive. We will gladly work with your insurance provider if needed and we make sure that your best interests are in mind at all times. To request a free inspection or to learn more about our automotive extended warranty shop, give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.