Automotive Upgrades in St. Paul MN

If you love your car but believe you would love it even more with an upgrade or two, St. Paul Automotive should be your choice for automotive upgrades in St. Paul, MN. We have established our reputation as any top-tier automotive shop should—our auto mechanics receive extensive training in auto repair and problem solving. We folded that into a business model of serving customers honestly and reliably. That is one of the primary reasons we have been successful since we opened our doors in 1980.

Automotive Upgrade Options at St. Paul Automotive

The best automotive work includes creativity. We enjoy solving problems and getting your car back on the road in the safest possible condition. But once those minimum standards are met, we find that many of our customers want to add something new to their vehicles, something that makes their car or truck stand out. Our team has enjoyed becoming experts in a variety of automotive upgrades. Below is a sampling of the many upgrades we offer:

  • Superchargers: As its name suggests, a supercharger increases the power of your engine. A supercharger is an air compressor, which increases the air pressure supply to your engine. With more oxygen entering each intake cycle, your car burns a bit more fuel, which increases power output.
  • Camshaft upgrades: Factory-installed camshafts tend to be fine and do the job adequately. Our camshaft upgrades improve engine performance by increasing efficiency at different speeds. If you add more power to your engine with a supercharger, you may want added efficiency too with a camshaft upgrade.
  • Lambo doors: If you want your vehicle to stand out, an upgrade that will catch peoples’ eyes are Lambo doors. Conventional doors open outward from the car, in the direction of vehicles next to you in the parking lot. Lambo doors open up, creating an image of a bird in flight. Not only is it a cool looking upgrade, it drastically cuts down on the likelihood of your car’s door getting dinged by swinging out into the car parked too closely next to you.
  • Halo lights: Halos can be the finishing touch on your special car. They make the color of your car really pop. They form a ring around your headlights, like a halo, and the illumination can be seen during the day as well as at nighttime.

Trusted St. Paul Auto Shop in MN

St. Paul Automotive enjoys providing upgrades to vehicles. If you would like more comprehensive information about the upgrades we can offer, call us at (651) 298-0956 or stop by our Randolph Avenue shop.