Brake Light On

Modern vehicles provide more conveniences than ever. From parking assist features, rear-view cameras, and other features that tell us when our tire pressure is too low, these features give us added safety and important information about our vehicles. One area of automotive technology that has not quite caught up with our need to know is the internal diagnostics systems in our cars. What do you do, for example, when your brake light comes on? What does it mean? Is it a safety issue or is there simply a problem with the bulb behind the display telling you that your brake light is on? St. Paul Automotive can help when brake light comes on.

What Does it Mean if Your Brake Light Comes On?

Unfortunately, if your brake light comes on, chances are good that it is more than just a minor problem with the display itself. The real problem could be minor too, but to be sure, it is best to take your car to a trusted auto repair shop like St. Paul Automotive to get a definitive diagnosis. As with most indicator lights, the underlying problem could be simple or it could indicate a larger problem. Some of the more common possibilities are described below:

  1. It could mean that you simply have not fully released your parking brake. This is not uncommon, especially with parking brakes operated by foot. We usually do not have the same dexterity in our feet as we do in our hands, so releasing the parking brake with your foot may not give you the immediate feedback that it has been released completely. As soon as you safely can, stop your car and release the parking brake with more concentration on the task, whether it is foot- or hand-operated.
  2. The level of brake fluid may be too low. This could be the result of a leak, but it is also possible for fluid levels to diminish over time without the presence of a leak. If there is no leak, St. Paul Automotive can fix the problem with ease. If there is a leak, we can also fix it by employing our problem-solving skills and automotive expertise.
  3. A potentially more serious issue could be with your anti-lock braking system (ABS). When the brake light indicator is activated, again, it will not provide definitive information about the source of the light. But St. Paul Automotive can read the codes that are generated by your car and indicated by the brake light on indicator. The ABS system is one of the most important technological developments in automobiles, so if there is a problem with your ABS system, it is best to bring it in to our shop so that we can diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Brake Diagnostics and Repair in St. Paul

These are some of the more common issues indicated by the brake light indicator. If your light is on, schedule an appointment with us by calling (651) 298-0956.