Brake Pad Replacement

Moving parts on automobiles are subject to powerful forces and, if you have your car long enough, those parts will likely need to be repaired or replaced at one time or another. Of all the parts of your car that will eventually need to be replaced, none is more important than your brake pads. Being able to stop your car when and where you want is extremely important. St. Paul Automotive provides brake pad replacement services to ensure that your car will stop exactly when and where you need it to.

Brake Inspection and Repair

Brake pads that need to be replaced is an unavoidable automotive repair. The problems that arise from worn brake pads range from your car’s not passing inspection to brake failure while driving. Neither is desirable, but even the chance of brake failure simply not worth the risk. The easiest way to repair your brake pads is to bring your car in to our shop. We can help you get your car back to peak safety by repairing your brakes pads or replacing them quickly so that you can get back out on the road safely.

St. Paul Automotive subscribes to the belief that loyal customers return to auto repair shops that have treated them well. We care about the experience our clients have with us and we will work hard to make your returning to our shop as easy as possible. When you trust your car to a mechanic for anything related to brakes, you not only need to trust their honesty, you also must believe in their technical qualifications. All of our mechanics are certified by ASE, which means they have undergone rigorous process to ensure they know how to properly fix your automotive issues.

Experienced Auto Repair Shop, St. Paul

Our staff wants to help you feel confident about the work we do on your car, regardless of the issue. Because your brakes are so fundamental to the safe operation of your car, we approach brake pad issues not with an attitude that the fix is an easy one, but with the attitude that they are of essential importance to your safety. No single automotive issue is more important than safe brakes, and brakes are only as safe as their brake pads allow. In all of our dealings with customers, we work to be honest and complete in providing you with our recommendations for repairs.

Brake Pad Replacement

To schedule a time for us to look at your brakes, give St. Paul Automotive a call at 651-298-0956 or stop by our shop on Randolph Avenue in St. Paul.