Brake Repair Shop St. Paul

There are some vehicle repairs that you can put on the back burner and there are some that must be addressed immediately for your safety. Getting your brakes and tires repaired are items that cannot be ignored. Your brakes are what keep you from getting in a wreck and your tires are what keep your car moving. Leave your brake repair and tire replacement to the professionals! At St. Paul Automotive, we are an auto shop in St. Paul, MN who does tire replacement and brake jobs. We’re eager to be your one stop shop for all repairs, big or small.

Full Service Brake Inspection & Repair

If you hear that high pitched squeak when your foot hits the brakes, your brakes may be in bad shape. If your vehicle shakes as you come to a stop, your brakes may be faulty. At St. Paul Automotive, our brake shop offers a detailed brake inspection where we inspect every inch of your brake system. This will help us determine what may be going on with your brakes so that we can then fix the issue. If an auto mechanic from our team catches the brake issues early enough, you may only be dealing with a minor repair. If you continue to ignore the faulty brake symptoms, your brakes may become too worn down to fix, requiring a full brake replacement.

Tire Replacement & Repair St. Paul MN

If you are hoping to keep your tires in good shape so that you can utilize the full life of your tires, regular tire rotation should be a priority. Especially during the winter in St. Paul, MN, having functioning tires with good tread is a must to ensure your safety. If you fail to maintain your tires on a regular basis, they will not last nearly as long as their estimated life expectancy may be. For those that drive 12,000 miles per year, tires typically will last 3 to 4 years. Let our auto shop regularly inspect your tires to ensure that they continue to last. If you are in need of new tires, there are advantages to choosing our crew at St. Paul Automotive. You’ll receive free tire rotations from our staff if you buy new tires from our auto shop!

Make it a habit to regularly take care of your vehicle. If you are dealing with screeching sounds when you brake or if you need to check the performance of your tires, our auto mechanics at St. Paul Automotive can help. Serving as a brake repair shop and tire replacement professionals, we can handle all of your needs. Give us a call today at (651) 298-0956 to request an appointment.