Brake Repairs & Full Brake Replacements

At St. Paul Automotive, we aren’t just another car shop. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers so that your family becomes our own. We want the best for our customers and aim to always put them first. When it comes to caring about our customers, safety is always our top priority. So, when you are in need of brake repairs or even a full brake replacement for your vehicle, we are here, ready and waiting to serve you and our Minnesota community.

As the summertime approaches and more travel restrictions ease, many people are eager to travel. Ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle is a must before any trip. In particular, checking to make sure your brakes are in good working condition is essential. If your brakes are not working properly or not repaired in a timely manner, they can become too worn down to fix. In some extreme cases, not only would your entire brake system need to be replaced but it can even cause damage to your nearby fixtures. When your brakes fail, your safety is immediately placed at risk. Keeping you safe on the road is why we advocate for vehicle brake inspections.

Performing A Brake Inspection

Before your brakes completely go out, there are several warning signs. Oftentimes, vehicle owners will hear strange noises coming from the wheels and those that drive the vehicle regularly can feel like their brakes just don’t feel like they usually do. When you take your vehicle in to be checked at St. Paul Automotive, we will perform a comprehensive brake inspection. We will look at your brake system and pinpoint the exact brake elements that are in need of repairs. We will explain to you where the breakdown is and talk you through any work we do before we do it. Brake inspection and repairs is a service at St. Paul Automotive that you can be confident in.

Full Brake Replacement

If during the inspection your brakes are found to be too worn down for repair, we have the ability to offer you a full brake replacement. With experience in all different vehicle makes and models, you can be confident that your brakes will be in full working order when driving off the lot. We assess and replace the disc brakes, drum brakes, brake pedals, hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinders, electronic anti-lock brake sensors, and power brake boosters. We will also educate our customers so that they better understand the proper steps to take in preventing brake failure from ever happening again.

At St. Paul Automotive, we are here and ready for your brake repair and full brake replacements in Minnesota. If you are having trouble with your brakes, come on in and let us take a look. For more information about our services, give St. Paul Automotive a call today at (651) 298-0956.