Can You Drive a Car With an Oil Leak?

Unfortunately, we all don’t have gobs of money lying around when our car begins to give us trouble. If your car is beginning to show major signs of trouble such as an oil leak, you’re likely thinking it’s finally time to start looking for a new vehicle. While this could be the case, there could be a scenario where your car could be repaired as well. At St Paul Automotive, we offer all types of auto repair service and would be happy to take a look at your oil leak to determine if it’s something that could easily be fixed or if repairing the problem wouldn’t be a wise financial move on your part.

Is it Ok to Drive a Car with an Oil Leak?

If you’re currently driving around the St Paul area with a car that’s leaking oil, you may be asking the question of whether it’s ok to still drive your car? The reality is that no one should be driving with a significant oil leak. If your car is low on oil it can lead to major issues that can impact your car’s engine. In addition, you’ll need to constantly check your car’s oil level to ensure you have the proper oil level. This takes time and can be a major inconvenience. Not to mention the fact that wherever you park you’ll likely leave a large oil spill that’s terrible for the environment.

IF you’re currently dealing with an oil leak, it’s best to get to your local mechanic shop as soon as possible. This way they can survey the damage to determine your best course of action to resolve your oil leak.

Trust Our ASE Certified Mechanics

Some mechanics get a bad reputation because they’ll encourage their customers to make repairs that may not be the smartest move from a financial perspective. If your car is on its last leg and has developed a large oil leak, chances are pretty high that you should go ahead and start looking for a new vehicle. At St Paul Automotive, our ASE certified mechanics will be completely honest with you about the condition of your car. We’ll never let profits get in the way of providing you with an honest opinion. We live and work in our local community and it’s always been our goal to create long standing relationships with each of our customers.

To setup a time for one of our mechanics to give your vehicle a thorough inspection, feel free to give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.