Certified Auto Repair St Paul

The staff of St. Paul Auto provides Certified Auto Repair for virtually all cars, trucks, classic autos, exotic cars, commercial vehicles, and even a fleet of vehicles. And for each of those vehicles, we provide repair and diagnosis of problems with your vehicle’s engine, brakes, steering and suspension, wheel alignment, air-conditioning and heater systems, and factory-scheduled maintenance, among myriad other services. But the “product” that is most important to us is your trust. We treat our customers like family.

St. Paul Automotive is located at 910 Randolph Avenue in St. Paul, and has been in business since 1980. While our business is providing certified auto repair, what we want to provide most is a sense of trust in the honesty of our technicians. They will fix your vehicle right the first time so that you feel confident returning to us when your vehicle requires attention in the future. Our staff are experts in automotive repair, and we prioritize in finding the least expensive solutions to auto repair. And, our long-term success depends on loyal customers, and customers become loyal only when they know that we will be honest with them about the nature of the repairs we recommend.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop St Paul

Minnesota is a cold place, and cold places can be very hard on motor vehicles. And, Minnesota in summer can also be a very hot place. The wide ranges of temperature and the extreme weather that comes with our seasons can wreak havoc on your car. Our staff understands how such factors can affect auto performance. When your check-engine light comes on or you start hearing a suspicious squeak from strange places, we want you to know that you can bring your vehicle to us for an honest appraisal. And if you choose our shop to fix the problem, you can be confident that the problem will be addressed thoroughly.

Here is just a sample of the comprehensive services we provide:

● Diagnostics (computer issues)
● Steering and suspension repair.
● Replacement of timing belts.
● Brakes.
● Four-wheel alignment repair
● Tire service: new tires and repair.
● Repair and replacement of alternators.
● Engine tune-ups.
● Problems with your heating system and/or air-conditioning.
● Radiator repair and replacement.
● Battery replacement.

For more information about our certified auto repair services, stop by our shop in St. Paul or call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment with a member of our team!