Common Late Summer Car Trouble

As we look forward to cooler temperatures this fall, there are still plenty of issues that may arise with your vehicle from operating in the heat. Several common car problems tend to accompany the high heat of late summer. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to try and avoid these issues altogether and cruise into the next season without a sweat! Of course, part of the issue is increased mileage over the summer. After driving hundreds, or even thousands of extra miles for family vacations or other getaways, there is additional wear and tear on the vehicle.

With all the extra driving, a handful of issues tend to pop up later in the summer as you begin to think about what the next season holds. For example, the heat that summer brings can lead to a fuel leak. When the temperature rises in your gas tank, trapped vapor can cause pressure to build. If this pressure is not adequately relieved, you may find a crack in the line along the way. These leaks can be very difficult to detect at first, but if you start to notice the need for trips to the pump more often or a new spot under your car in the driveway, your vehicle could be suffering from this common late summer issue.

High Heat Brings Hard Work

With the strain of pumping air conditioning for long stretches, there are extra burdens placed on other parts of the vehicle as well. One of these components is the car’s battery. Maintaining the condition of the battery is important in avoiding a failure late in the season. Ensure that the battery and other components are free of any debris so that there is strong air flow around the battery itself. If the engine seems to be starting slower, a quick trip to a quality repair shop like St. Paul Automotive will lead to a trusted technician who can evaluate your battery. Determining if all cells are still functioning or if the battery is damaged is critical.

Also, as temperatures remain high, the fluids in your vehicle evaporate quicker and this can lead to issues including everything from overheating to broken air conditioner components and more! Call St. Paul Automotive at 651-298-0956 or get in touch online today to keep your ride running smoothly as summer comes to an end.