Complete Auto & Truck Fleet Service

What’s more frustrating than realizing you’ve chosen a bad auto shop? Knowing there was a better option that you didn’t choose. At St. Paul Auto, we understand the dilemma every vehicle owner has when searching for a reliable auto service shop. You want to find a shop you can trust to get the work done, but you don’t want to pay too much for the work. You want a garage with a great reputation that won’t try to charge you extra for the assurance that they’re a legitimate establishment. If you’re looking for a complete auto & truck service shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, stop looking. You’ve found us, and we’re happy to help make anything you need happen. And if our reputation doesn’t speak for itself, take a look at our services to find out why we’re the right fit for you!

Car and Truck Inspections and Maintenance

If you’re searching for a car or truck maintenance or inspection shop, we’re your team. We’re a full service auto shop, which means we offer maintenance, repairs, and inspections all in one place. That’s perfect for most vehicle owners who don’t want to find multiple auto shops to trust. If you need a state inspection or want to bring your vehicle in for a checkup, don’t wait! We’re here to make sure your vehicle is always in great shape. Our vehicle maintenance services include:

• Engine tune-ups
• Tire rotations
• Fleet maintenance
• Oil changes
• Six-month checkups
• Addressing maintenance schedules in vehicle maintenance guides

Your vehicle is an investment that you should care for as much as you would your home, which means maintenance is critical. That also means having a reliable auto maintenance mechanic like St. Paul Auto is essential!

Auto and Truck Repair Services

Want to make sure we offer all repair services you could ever need for your vehicle? Take a look at our list of auto and truck repair services:

• Brake repairs
• Tire repair and replacement
• Electrical repairs
• Battery Replacement
• Alternator replacement
• Drivability repairs
• Suspension and alignment repairs
• Muffler and exhaust repairs
• Radiator and cooling repairs
• Air conditioning and heating repairs
• Transmission and driveline repairs
• Specialty vehicle repairs
• Fleet repairs

Specialty Auto and Truck Services

Specialty vehicle repairs and maintenance shouldn’t be completed by just anyone. If you’ve put the money into a specialty car or truck, you should know that it’s in good hands. At St. Paul Automotive, we want to be the ones you trust when your vehicle is broken down or just in need of maintenance.

Car and Truck Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

If you need a fleet vehicle maintenance team in St. Paul, MN that can handle complete auto and truck services for fleet vehicles, you’re in luck. St. Paul Automotive is equipped with the space, equipment, and mechanics to prove we’re great at what we do! Whether you’re looking for fleet maintenance or a full service auto shop, call us today at (651) 298-0956.