Engine Tune Up Services in St. Paul MN

St. Paul Automotive offers excellent Engine Tune Up Services in St. Paul, MN. An engine that is tuned up on a regular basis will very likely last longer than its manufacturer’s estimates. The trick for car owners to enjoy an engine that lasts longer than is estimated is to take care of it. We know that life is busy, but we also know that spending a little time now on good engine maintenance can save you a lot of time (and money) later. St. Paul Automotive can help you get your engine tune ups on schedule based on your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Bring your car in to St. Paul Automotive and we will give you the information you need in order to ensure your car’s longevity.

Importance of Engine Tune Ups in St. Paul, MN

Our engine tune up services are usually easy to schedule and even better, they offer you peace of mind. To keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, the following services are recommended:

  • Spark plugs. Without spark plugs, your car’s combustion system would not work. Old or faulty spark plugs can prevent your car from starting. If they have not degraded to that degree yet, you may find that your car loses power while driving because the pistons are not being properly powered. Changing the spark plugs periodically is necessary for your engine to work properly. They are very simple components that serve a very complex purpose.
  • Spark plug wires. For spark plugs to work properly, they need a constant supply of electricity to ensure that combustion occurs as it is designed. Spark plug wires provide that constant source of energy. Like spark plugs, spark plug wires can wear out over time and need to be replaced. Symptoms of faulty spark plug wires include rough engine idling and engine missing, hesitation, and even surging.
  • Cap and rotor services. Distributor caps and rotors pass the voltage from your car’s ignition coils to the cylinders in the engine. When they falter, you may hear loud noises from your engine. The engine may have difficulty turning over, stalling, backfiring, or shaking.
  • Fuel injectors. The purpose of your car’s fuel injector is to deliver fuel to the cylinders and to control the timing of fuel injection. Bad fuel injectors can cause stalling, poor idling, and loss of engine performance.
  • Service belt replacement. A car engine has a number of additional components (e.g., alternator, A/C compressor) that are powered by the service belts (also known as drive belts or serpentine belts). These are essential to proper engine performance.

Keep Your Engine Running Well

St. Paul Automotive provides excellent service in all of these aspects of your car’s engine performance. Contact us at 651-298-0956 or stop by our auto shop on Randolph Ave in St. Paul.