Excellent Auto Repair Services in St. Paul

For the duration of our time as a successful automotive repair shop, St. Paul Automotive has earned a reputation for great customer service, competitive pricing, and extensive knowledge of automobiles. Our technicians work hard to offer our customers excellent auto repair services in St. Paul.

Comprehensive Auto Repair in St. Paul

One of our greatest accomplishments is our staff’s versatility.  Their knowledge of all types of vehicles both old and new is what drives our reputation for excellence in auto repair services. Some of the many auto repair services we provide are described below:

  • Brake jobs: There is nothing more important to the safe operation of your vehicle than your brakes. Over time, your brake pads will diminish in effectiveness, though your brake system may remain in good working order.  The brake jobs we perform can range from resurfacing rotors to brake pad replacement to complete replacement of the braking system. Ensuring that your car maintains its ability to stop when and where you need it to, we combine exacting standards with economical pricing.
  • Alternator replacement: Your vehicle’s alternator is one of the most important It provides power to your vehicle’s electrical systems. If your alternator begins to fail, you may notice symptoms that lead you to believe that it is actually your battery that is failing, or perhaps your starter. If the symptoms are combined with symptoms like reduced brightness coming from your headlights, it could mean that power is not being distributed properly, which could point to the alternator.  Our staff has the training and tools to determine the exact cause of these issues.  If your alternator is failing, you have a limited amount of time before your vehicle stops function, so when symptoms related to electrical power begin to show themselves, it is important to bring your vehicle in to our shop as soon as possible.
  • Transmission and driveline: Another essential aspect of your vehicle’s ability to function is a reliable transmission. Paul Automotive can assess and repair transmission problems, a service that not all auto repair shops offer. Our mechanics have the experience and expertise to repair your faulty transmission and keep it on the road for much longer.
  • Heating and air-conditioning: Though not essential to your vehicle’s functioning, driving in a comfortable internal climate goes a long way toward ensuring an enjoyable driving experience. Our knowledge of heating and air-conditioning is an excellent indicator of the auto repair versatility that we have come to be known for.

If your car is in need of service and you have questions, call St. Paul Automotive at (651) 298-0956.