Exhaust System And Muffler Repair In St Paul

There are many different reasons to ensure that your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust systems are in good working order. Of course, we do have only this one planet to live on, so we should all do our part to keep it clean and healthy, and good muffler and exhaust maintenance is important to that. A muffler that is not working correctly does not push exhaust away from your vehicle which can cause a loud sound and can even cause your vehicle to overheat. St. Paul Automotive offers as one of our specialties expertise in muffler repair and replacement and exhaust system maintenance, so if you have any concerns, we can help you.

Signs Your Muffler Or Exhaust System Needs To Be Repaired

An exhaust system that is in need of repair may show obvious signs that you can spot. If your muffler has been damaged, for example, you will hear it. Your vehicle will become louder and rougher sounding with a damaged muffler. Of course, if a hole has formed in your muffler, it is likely the result of aging and exposure to severe conditions. In such cases, replacement is usually recommended. If the hole in your muffler is the result of impact or an accident of some kind, but shows no signs of age-related wear, it is possible to repair the hole, which should return the muffler to its previous efficiency.

Not all problems with the exhaust system are quite as obvious. It is possible for the exhaust system to appear fine but emit dangerous gases. The exhaust system is designed not only to limit the rate of pollutants that escape into our environment, but to protect the inhabitants of the vehicle itself. Most gases associated with vehicle exhaust have a discernible odor, so drivers and occupants can often detect a problem by smelling it. But that is not always the case. We are all familiar with the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home, and that is a danger precisely because the poisonous gas cannot be seen or smelled. Not all gases given off by automobiles can be detected by the human senses either.

St Paul Minnesota Auto Shop

St. Paul Automotive can perform tests to determine the nature of the vehicle’s emissions, and if a problem is discovered, we can fix it. At a minimum, fixing such problems with exhaust systems helps to insure that your vehicle will be considered safe enough to pass inspection. Our team can take care of all issues related to your exhaust system. Call (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.