Exhaust System Failure

Having car issues is usually one of the most pain in the butt things that you have to deal with. It is never fun to get in your car and realize that it needs to be taken in, or not realize there is an issue until something major happens.

St. Paul Automotive understands how irritating it can be to have something go wrong with your car and that is why they are here for you to make your experience smooth, fast, reliable and affordable.

Many times during a car’s life you will experience an exhaust system failure, it is important to address this issue immediately and here are some signs to look for if you think your exhaust system is failing.

1. You have an overly noisy engine. This is one of the first signs that you will notice. If yuo have a faulty exhaust manifold gasket, this can cause an exhaust leak which sounds like a hissing or tapping noise. This sound will be a lot louder when it is cold outside or when you accelerate.
2. You will notice a decrased power and acceleration. If your car is struggling with an exhaust problem, it will affect the ability for your car to perform. You won’t be able to accelerate as well or as quickly. This will continue to worsen if you do not fix your exhaust.
3. Another problem, which may be the most frustrating is the decrease fuel efficiency. Gas is already expensive enough and if you are experiencing issues with your exhaust system you are going to start paying a lot more than before. Although fixing your exhaust may seem expensive, we promise you that you will pay that in the extra gas fees in no time.
4. If you are experiencing a leak near your engine wiring, or other parts under the hood you may start to notice a burning smell. It may even release a bit of smoke, but you shouldn’t wait for it to get so bad that you see this problem, if you notice a bad burning smell you should get your car checked out immediately.
5. If your exhaust pipe starts to hang low to the ground, you need to get this fixed ASAP. If it gets bad it can hang under the vehicle, and if it breaks off it can cause danger for the drivers around you, and safety is always number one.
6. You might start smelling gas as well while you are driving around. This may be a sign that you are having exhaust problems.

These are 6 main signs that you are experiencing an exhaust system failure. If you notice any of these and would like to get your car checked out before a major problem occurs, then St. Paul Automotive is here for you! Give us a call today and we will help get you back on your wheels.