Fixing A Flat Tire

It is a common experience for our team at St. Paul Automotive to speak with a customer who asks if we are able to fix a flat tire for them. Their stories vary from having driven over debris in the roadway that caused them to know right away that they were going to have a flat tire to finding a screw or a nail in the tread but having no idea when it happened or how it got there. St. Paul Automotive has heard just about every story about how a flat tire occurred, and if the puncture that caused the flat is fixable, St. Paul Automotive will be able to complete the job.

Do-It-Yourself Tire Repair

A common mistake made by many automobile owners is to find the source of air loss in their tire and try to remove it themselves. There are times when vehicle owners find a nail or screw in their tire but discover that there has been no air loss. This is most likely due to the nail or screw actually sealing the puncture. The temptation in such cases may be to just leave the nail or screw in the tire, with the thought that if there is no air loss, there is no problem. We do not recommend this approach, however, because the nail or screw can become dislodged, and cause either a gradual loss of air or an unmistakable, catastrophic blowout. Finding a nail or screw in a tire that does not go immediately flat is a stroke of luck. Sure, it is not good luck to ride over something that punctures your tire. But if your tire is still functional after being punctured, the luck is that you have time to get it fixed correctly.

Tire Repair Or Tire Replacement?

Unfortunately, not all punctures are fixable. In general, punctures in the tread of tires that have ample tread depth can be repaired. But if your tires have little tread left, or if the damage caused by the item that punctured the tire is too great, it may be necessary to replace the tire. St. Paul Automotive will do everything we can to replace a punctured tire, but we will also err on the side of caution, so we do not compromise your safety. We also have a variety of tires on site, so the chances are good that we will be able to replace your tire at the time you bring it to us. If we do not have the exact tire in stock, we will get one quickly so that you can get back on the road in no time. If you have concerns about one or more of your tires, call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment for our auto technicians to take a look.