Fleet Maintenance Prevents Downtime And Lost Revenue

Fleet maintenance prevents downtime and lost revenue. Whether you’re running a small landscaping team with two work trucks or a large construction business with a dozen heavy-duty vehicles, keeping your fleet up and running is key to your success. Without proper maintenance, vehicles will break down more frequently and face long-term mechanical issues. This can lead to high costs and can even result in dangerous accidents. The creation of a fleet maintenance plan with an experienced mechanic, such as St. Paul Automotive, offers several key benefits.

Routine maintenance ensures that vehicles stay operational and that deadlines are met. Additionally, through routine maintenance services, you can catch major issues early on, allowing you to schedule repairs around your business’ needs.

Ensure Safety On The Job

A poorly maintained vehicle is a risk to your employees and other drivers. Keeping your fleet well maintained helps ensure that your team can work efficiently and safely. Additionally, keeping all components well maintained, such as door lifts, ramps, and control panels ensures that any specialized equipment continues to operate safely.

Remain Compliant With Regulations

Fleet maintenance is a requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). According to regulation 396.3(a), there are critical general maintenance requirements. For this reason, frequent fleet maintenance is a necessity for any business to continue to operate within the law. When scheduling routine maintenance, keep detailed records of all work performed. This will ensure that your business has proof of the proper upkeep of your fleet.

Improve Longevity Of Company Vehicles

Beyond just regulations and safety, vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to make certain your commercial vehicles last as long as possible. Routine maintenance can keep your fleet operating longer. This allows your business to lower vehicle replacement costs while still meeting deadlines and taking on more work. Tasks as simple as an oil change or transmission fluid flush can make or break the longevity of any vehicle.

Reliable Fleet Maintenance Services In St Paul

St. Paul Automotive has been invested in providing quality vehicle maintenance, including fleet maintenance, since 1980. That’s decades of experience looking at thousands of vehicles, from cars, trucks, and SUVs to commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles, exotic cars, and classic cars. To be sure that we’re providing the best possible fleet vehicle maintenance service, our ASE-certified technicians use only the latest industry equipment, ensuring that we’re always operating more efficiently, more reliably, and more competitively than ever before. With cutting edge equipment, you can count on our fleet vehicle mechanics giving you only the best service as quickly as possible.