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Have you noticed that your car veers off to either the left or right side of the road? You are not alone. It is pothole season in St Paul MN and many drivers are feeling a tug on the steering wheel. Having your tires out of alignment is a problematic for several reasons. Poor alignment can be hard to see and the symptoms can often mimic problems seen with other areas of the vehicle. The correct diagnosis is easy enough for the trusted auto repair technicians at St Paul Automotive.

What Is Wheel Alignment And Why It Matters

There is some confusion as to what front end alignment means. Your vehicle is considered to be properly aligned when all four wheels are rolling together, parallel with the direction of the car when it is going straight. It is considered to be out of alignment when the opposite is true.

The front end of your vehicle can be easily knocked out of alignment by running into a curb or hitting a pothole on the freeway. Something as simple as running over debris could change the fine suspension. As a result, your car can be harder to keep under control, especially at higher speeds. Excessive tire wear is another affect of wheels that travel without being properly aligned.

Symptoms Of Wheel Alignment Issues

The initial symptoms of improperly aligned wheels may not be obvious. They can often be misinterpreted as issues with tires, shocks, struts or ball joints. Pay close attention if your automobile is experiencing any of the following symptoms of poor alignment:

• Vehicle wandering off to one side of the road or the other
• Steering wheel pulling to the left or right
• Vibration
• Uneven tire wear
• Crooked steering wheel on a straightaway

Getting Your Vehicle In Correct Alignment

Since frontend alignment is much less expensive than buying new tires, it is recommended that you have an alignment check every six months. Our mechanics can use a computerized alignment rack to measure if wheels are even slightly out of alignment. The sophisticated machine can detect suspension issues that our technicians can adjust back into alignment according to manufacturer’s specs.

Front End Alignment Shop St Paul

St. Paul traffic can be difficult enough to handle without worrying about vehicle problems. No more shake, rattle and roll. Why not enjoy a smooth ride by scheduling a front end alignment check? The process is fast and simple at St Paul Automotive where we are a trusted car repair shop for 38 years and counting.

If your vehicle is in need of a front end alignment, come see us a St Paul Automotive. Call to schedule an appointment at (651) 298-0956.