Full Service Auto Repair

Like searching for a new doctor or dentist, finding the right auto repair shop can be a challenge. You have to consider location, price, services available, speed of service, and most importantly, trustworthiness. As much as we’d like to say everyone is trustworthy, that’s just not true. You’ve likely been to auto shops where you feel like you’re being conned, and you very well might be. But at St. Paul Auto, there are no games or gimmicks. We’ve been a trusted full service auto repair shop in St. Paul, MN for more than 35 years, demonstrating our value through our work. So if you’re in need of vehicle repairs, don’t trust just anyone; trust us

St. Paul Auto Repair Services

What does it mean to be a full services auto repair shop? All that really means is that we have the capacity and skill to meet every need you and your vehicle might have. This includes vehicle maintenance and repairs of all kinds! Our typical auto repair services include:

• Brake repairs
• Tire repair and replacement
• Electrical repairs
• Battery Replacement
• Alternator replacement
• Drivability repairs
• Suspension and alignment repairs
• Muffler and exhaust repairs
• Radiator and cooling repairs
• Air conditioning and heating repairs
• Transmission and driveline repairs
• Specialty vehicle repairs
• Fleet repairs

Some of these repairs are costlier and more serious than others, but even the slightest repairs should not be taken lightly. Whenever you bring in your vehicle for repairs, make sure there’s no doubt that you can trust whomever is working on your vehicle.

Specialty Vehicle Repairs And Upgrades

Investing in a classic muscle car or a big monster truck isn’t something people do lightly. A lot of time goes into deciding on the perfect features and customization’s that will make your special vehicle unique and match your personality. And what’s more, a lot of money goes into paying for those special features. If this sounds like you, come join all the other car and truck enthusiasts in St Paul that will only bring their specialty cars and trucks to St Paul Auto. Pay us a visit, call and ask for references, we understand. After all,we are car enthusiasts as well. We have all the latest equipment and pride our self’s on staying above the curve. We’ll know what special treatments your vehicle needs, and you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is in capable hands.

Fleet Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance

If you own a fleet of vehicles, you need a fleet vehicle repair shop that can handle any amount of work you need done. That means a shop that’s large enough to hold your vehicles and a team that’s skilled and big enough to get the work done right and quickly. We understand how challenging it is to manage an entire fleet of vehicles. When you’re paying to have all of them serviced, you need to make sure you can trust whomever is doing the work. At St. Paul Automotive, we’re a name you can trust to always get the work done exactly how you want it in a time frame that works for you. And we have the space and skill to deal with large and small fleets alike!

For full service auto repair in St. Paul, Minnesota, Call St. Paul Auto today at (651) 298-0956, and get to know our mechanics!