General Car Repairs St Paul

Not everyone is searching for a specialty shop for auto repairs. Though there are vehicle owners who want a specialist in specific car repairs, there’s something to be said for a shop offering general car repairs. When you’re in need of any repair at all, you can be sure a general car repair shop will be able to help make it happen. What’s more, you’ll be much less likely to be up-charged for specialty work. When you visit a dealership or an auto shop that only works with specific vehicle makes, it’s more likely that you’ll pay more for their services. At St. Paul Auto, we offer full service vehicle repairs in St. Paul, MN at a great price, and we have a wide range of services available.

Brake repairs: If your brakes are beginning to fail, make sure you pay attention to the signs so you’re not taken by surprise. We offer brake repairs, including all parts of the brakes in all types of vehicles.
Tire repair and replacement: Your tires should last you a few years, but when it’s time for new ones, there’s no time to hesitate. Old, worn tires can be hazardous, and having them replaced is a crucial part of vehicle ownership. That said, not all problems with tires have to do with how worn they are. If your vehicle’s rims are bent, or if you have a problem with your tires spinning correctly, have it checked out. You might have a problem that can be solved without replacing your tires!
Electrical repairs: Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex in their electrical components, so it’s critical that you have an electrical repair expert by your side. As a general auto shop, we repair vehicles of any make, and we’re making sure to stay apprised of changes in how electrical components work. That means we can fix your problems easily and correctly!
Battery Replacement: Dead battery? No problem! We’ve got you covered.
Alternator replacement: If you’re not sure how important the alternator in your vehicle is, let’s just say it’s crucial to running all electrical components. That means you need someone reliable making any repairs!
Suspension and alignment repairs: Suspension and alignment are crucial elements in making your vehicle safe and comfortable.
Muffler and exhaust repairs: Ensuring your exhaust system is working properly means knowing you aren’t exposed to hazardous fumes!
Radiator and cooling repairs: Maintain engine health with radiator and cooling repairs.
Air conditioning and heating repairs: In Minnesota, where the weather is unpredictable and extreme, knowing your heating and air conditioning work isn’t exactly optional!
Transmission and drive-line repairs: These can be expensive repairs at specialty shops, so choose a general auto repair shop, instead!
Specialty vehicle repairs: We are considered a  “Full Service ” “General Repair” every day driver auto repair shop.  We do not argue that. BUT everyone that works at St Paul Auto is a car and or truck enthusiast. Think you have to go to a specialty shop for specialty vehicle repairs? You don’t! We can do them right here with all the latest and greatest equipment, technology and years of knowledge.

If you’re looking for general car repairs in St. Paul, Minnesota, St. Paul Automotive is where you need to be. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment or any repairs you need!