General Vehicle Repair

St. Paul Automotive has built a reputation for providing a strong combination of expert automotive repair on vehicles old and new and treating our customers with honesty and respect. The key to our success is a result of these two priorities. Unlike many other local auto repair shops, we have found a true balance between expertise in general auto repair and a commitment to excellent customer service.

There really is no better combination when deciding where to take your vehicle for routine maintenance or repair. Some auto repair shops master one or the other, but fortunately for you, we have made a commitment to maintain excellence in both categories. Excellence and expertise extend broadly to a full range of automotive services. Our mechanics offer comprehensive auto repair services for older, simpler vehicles and newer, more complex vehicles.

Whether your vehicle is an older or newer model, there are aspects of it that are universal to all motor vehicles. For example, all vehicles still ride on rubber tires, have mechanical power trains, and they all have the ability to accelerate and the need to decelerate on the drivers’ terms. Most vehicles still have internal combustion engines, but not all. Some have hybrid engines and still others have all electric engines. St. Paul Automotive can fix all of them.

Maintenance And Factory-Recommended Service

Oil changes, fluid replacement, battery replacement, and lubrication services typically fall under the category of services recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Knowledge of each manufacturer’s recommendations is important to ensuring that your vehicle remains in good working order, and adherence to manufacturer’s recommendations is even more important if your vehicle is still under warranty. Our staff understands the importance of such procedures and is knowledgeable about specific manufacturer recommendations.

More Complex Automotive Repairs

As is true of any machine, time and the wear and tear that an automobile goes through will result in periodic problems that need to be addressed. In addition to the regular maintenance described above, we also handle more complex automotive issues. These can include engine tune-up, heating and air conditioning problems, electrical system repairs, and transmission work. The complexity of modern vehicles can also create unique and mysterious issues, and our staff are also excellent problem solvers. From the simplest problem to the most complicated, our staff have the experience to identify and fix the problem quickly and we will be honest and upfront about all potential options and costs. Call us at (651) 298-0956 for more information.