Heating And AC Car Repair In St Paul

There are two times of the year when vehicle owners are concerned about their climate control systems: before the weather gets hot and, especially in Minnesota, when the weather begins to get cold. Of course, that makes sense. When the temperatures are very hot or very cold, we need to know that the time we spend in our cars and trucks will be as comfortable as possible. St. Paul Automotive’s staff has decades of collective experience and expertise in every area of vehicle maintenance, including diagnosis and repair of your car’s heating and air conditioning systems.

Repairs Of Your Vehicle’s Heating System

There are two types of heating systems for modern automobiles. Some vehicles have a water valve heating system and others have what is known as an air blending heating system. Neither system has a distinct advantage or disadvantage over the other one. Both, in fact, are relatively simple and ingenious in design, but when something goes wrong with your system, you want to know that the repair shop to which you take it has the experience and knowledge to complete the repairs correctly. Our staff has experience identifying the issue, or issues, that are impacting the maximum performance of your heating system, and then repairing it so that it functions as you need it to.

Automobile AC Repair

Air conditioning systems tend to be more complicated than heating systems, but our staff are also well prepared to identify the issues you are experiencing and complete the repairs thoroughly and properly. The air conditioning systems of most cars are composed of a high side and a low side. The high side includes the compressor, which regulates the flow of coolant. The low side is responsible for ensuring that the flow through the cabin of your vehicle is up to manufacturer’s standards. Ultimately, your comfort is the best judge of an air conditioning system’s performance. If the system is working as it is designed to work and you feel comfortable while driving it, all’s right with the world, regardless of the temperature outside.

It is when the system develops a problem, and your comfort is compromised that St. Paul Automotive can help. We can identify whether or not the issue is related to a faulty compressor, a coolant leak, or some other cause that is inhibiting the optimal flow of air. These are not jobs that most car owners can perform on their own, so we recommend that you bring your vehicle to our shop. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment.