High Performance Car Mechanic St Paul

If you have a high performance vehicle then it’s no secret that you need a high performance mechanic. At St. Paul Automotive, we are your local experts when it comes to high performing vehicles and their care. Serving as St. Paul’s local automotive shop since 1980, we have over 35 years of experience in serving the most exotic and high performing cars around. If you are looking for a high performance car mechanic, look no further than your expert professionals at St. Paul Automotive.

The Latest High Performance Vehicle Technology

If you own a high performance vehicle, we know that you want it to be handled with care. Our staff of ASE-certified technicians can handle anything ranging from a basic repair to your vehicle to the most complex repair or upgrade imaginable. St. Paul Automotive takes time to invest and become educated in the latest technology so that we can keep your vehicle in pristine condition. We also carry the most top quality parts on the market so that your vehicle can continue being a high performing thing of beauty.

Latest Upgrades for High Performing Vehicles

Among your standard maintenance and repair work, St. Paul Automotive offers the latest upgrades for your high performing vehicle, keeping it “new” forever. Having a high performance vehicle means taking the time to invest in it. At St. Paul Automotive, we can upgrade the specs to your vehicle so that you can enjoy all the benefits of having a new car or truck without actually buying one. For your prized possessions that you just don’t want to give up, we also offer special welding services. We can fix your flooring, any damaged pipes, broken hangers, etc. Our performing upgrades are plentiful and know no bounds. The following is just a sampling of our performance service upgrades:

● Super Chargers
● Camshaft Upgrades
● Differential Removal & Replacement
● Halo Lighting Installation
● Lambo Doors
● Engine Upgrades
● Exhaust Pipe Bending Fabrication

These examples, however, do not limit our upgrade capabilities. If you have something specific in mind for your high performance vehicle, chances are that our experts at St. Paul Automotive can handle it.

If you are interested in finding a mechanic for your high performance vehicle, don’t waste any more time. Find a professional mechanic that you can trust. At St. Paul Automotive, we don’t just treat you like customers. Our place is a space where your family becomes our own. For your local expert mechanics in St. Paul, MN, give St. Paul Automotive a call today at (651) 298-0956.