High Performance Upgrade Techs Available In St Paul

When you are passionate about your ride, performing upgrades on it is an easy way to keep it looking and feeling new forever. Instead of spending thousands on a new vehicle, choosing to upgrade the specs on your current car or truck lets you enjoy your favorite ride for longer. To get the most out of your vehicle’s engine with performance parts however, they need to be the right fit and installed properly. There are many high-performance parts out there capable of increasing horsepower and helping your engine reach its full potential.

Engine Modifications

When it comes to modifications, there’s one type everyone can agree on: more power is always a good thing! Engine upgrades can be an excellent way to customize your vehicle for high performance. Engine upgrades can improve your performance and help you maximize your vehicle’s power. Some of the most common upgrades include adding a supercharger, adding cold air intake, upgrading to a performance camshaft.

Suspension Modifications

With suspension upgrades, you can completely transform the way that your car handles on the road. In the first stage of a suspension upgrade, your mechanic will replace your springs and shocks. For even more performance enhancement, you may also want to consider replacing your sway bars and bushings. Finally, you can also install an adjustable suspension that can be modified for driving on the road or the track.

Exhaust System Modifications

High-performance exhaust systems do a better job of filtering out gasses and can increase a car’s efficiency and performance. However, there are no “standard” exhaust pipes, so everything is created custom. There are several considerations from pipe diameter to types of bend, and the inclusion of turbo downpipes. Working with experienced technicians and welders can create that perfect blend of performance and growl that you desire.

Exterior/Body Modifications

Exterior modifications give you the best of both worlds: style and utility. The exterior modifications are some of the items that will be the most eye-catching and get noticed first. Common body-style upgrades completed include “Lambo door” modifications (where doors open upward on a pivot). Some of the more popular upgrades center around lighting. Halo lights, also called “angel eyes,” can be added at the headlamps to act as daytime running lights. They are immediately noticeable by anyone who sees your vehicle approaching and a must-have lighting upgrade to accentuate your vehicle.

High Performance Vehicle Upgrades In St Paul

The technicians at St. Paul Automotive have extensive experience in adding high-performance upgrades and modifications to various vehicles, and offer specialized welding services for damaged pipes, flooring, hangers, suspension, or steering. Call us today to discuss your vehicle’s needs and to learn of some of our past work (651) 298-0956. We think you’ll be inspired!