Importance Of Having Your Brakes Serviced

If it has been a while since you last had the brakes in your car or truck checked and/or serviced, it may be time for you to slow down, come to a stop, and consider getting them looked at by the team at St. Paul Automotive. Sorry, we did not mean to pad this information with bad puns but given how important your brakes are to your overall driving safety, we figured it was time to get your attention with some truths about your brakes.

Estimating The Longevity Of Your Brakes

Your brakes are, in fact, one of the most important components of your car or truck. They allow you to stop when and, perhaps even more important, where you need to stop. Modern vehicle brakes are remarkably durable and resilient. Still, their longevity is variable because of a number of different factors. Your vehicle’s mileage is the most obvious variable. If your mileage accumulates because of a lot of highway driving, you may use your brakes less over the course of those miles than, say, someone who drives predominantly in the stop and go traffic of a city. But then, the driver who does most of their driving in the city may accumulate miles at a much slower pace, putting less stress on their brakes.

It is possible to prolong the life of your brakes. If you drive consciously, meaning that if you allow a safe distance between you and the cars in front of you, give yourself enough distance to stop smoothly, and limit accelerating and stopping too quickly as a matter of habit, your brakes will very likely last longer. Eventually, though, even the highest priced, upper end brakes will wear down and need repair or replacement. St. Paul Automotive has the tools, the knowledge, and the expertise to inspect, repair, and replace any vehicle’s brakes.

How Do I Know If My Brakes Need To Be Checked?

There are some signs to indicate that you should have your brakes checked. If you hear noises ranging from a light hissing to a loud squealing or grinding sound, and certainly if you find that coming to a stop requires greater distance and more force on your brake pedal, you should have us check your brakes immediately.

The essential nature of your brakes means that we work very hard to exceed our obligations to safety and professionalism to be experts in brake repair and replacement. We will ensure that your brakes are working well, so that when you head back out on the road, you and your family are safe. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment to have us look at your brakes.