Importance of Regular Automotive Maintenance

In the same way that we as people are encouraged to set up our annual physicals with our medical providers, the same can be said for your vehicle. Regular automotive maintenance, however, may come along more frequently than your once a year medical physical. At St. Paul Automotive, we always take the initiative to make sure that our clients are fully aware about the importance of regular automotive maintenance for their vehicles. The good news for you is that the only work you need to do is to start a relationship with our team at St. Paul Automotive, and we’ll handle the rest!

Regular Automotive Maintenance Items

If you are looking for your current vehicle to be around for many years and miles to come, then keeping up with your regular automotive maintenance is critically important. At St. Paul Automotive, we’ve got some processes and reminders to help you keep up with your regular automotive maintenance, but all vehicle owners do have to take at least a little responsibility on their end. Some of the regular automotive maintenance items that need to be addressed throughout the year include:

● Vehicle Oil Changes
● Brake Inspections
● Tire Rotations
● Engine Tune-Ups
● Battery Inspections

Benefits of Regular Automotive Maintenance

The first big benefit from partaking in regular automotive maintenance with St. Paul Automotive is maximizing the life expectancy of your vehicle. Committing to these simple and affordable maintenance services can truly add years to the life of your vehicle. Other Benefits of regular automotive maintenance include:

Prevents Breakdowns – No one wants their vehicle to breakdown on the side of the road. Regular automotive maintenance will prevent a breakdown from occurring.
Reduces Likelihood of Costly Repairs – Making sure that your vehicle is on a scheduled maintenance plan will reduce the likelihood of costly repairs from occurring.
Keeps You Safe – When your vehicle is maintained regularly, this helps keep you and any of your passengers safe. Wrecks and other types of damage can occur when parts of the car like brakes aren’t properly maintained. Let St. Paul Automotive provide you with the peace of mind that everyone in your car is safe.

If you are ready to partner with our team at St. Paul Automotive for all of your regular automotive maintenance needs, there is no better time than now! To set up an appointment with our expert mechanics, give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.