Importance Of Regular Engine Tune-Ups

Your car is a major investment and your car’s engine performs a critically important function. The engine converts the gasoline you put in your tank into motion (by burning the gasoline) so that your car can move. Keeping your engine functioning properly is important if you want your car to last. St. Paul Automotive is a local auto shop that does engine repair work as well as regular engine tune-ups for automobile owners all over the area.

Benefits Of Engine Tune-Ups

Regular engine tune-ups will help your car or truck start more easily, lower emissions, improve fuel efficiency and improve your car’s overall power. For you as a driver, this translates to smoother driving and lower overall repair costs. When you bring your vehicle to St. Paul Automotive for an engine tune-up, you can expect a thorough and complete inspection of your engine. At our trusted repair shop, this always includes the following elements:

Spark plug inspection: We will test the spark plugs to be sure that they are able to effectively ignite fuel. Normal wear and tear of your spark plugs can lead to improperly igniting fuel, causing your engine to start more slowly, run less efficiently and not be as fuel efficient.
Fuel pump inspection: Your car’s fuel pump needs to be checked regularly to be sure that it is working correctly. We do this during every engine tune-up.
Fuel injector inspection: We also check for buildup in your fuel injector that can lead to problems with your spark plugs.
Fuel filter and air filter check: We will check your fuel and air filter and replace if/when needed.
PVC valve inspection: We will look for any potential leaks or clogs in your PVC valve.
Engine timing and idle check: We will make any necessary adjustments to your vehicle’s engine timing and idle.

Local Auto Shop That Does Engine Tune-Ups

When making a recommendation for an engine tune-up, our staff will review your vehicle’s age, make, model and mileage as well as recommendations from the manufacturer. We will make sure to communicate clearly to you exactly what we will be doing in the tune-up so that you do not have any questions or concerns and so there are no surprises. We understand that work on your car can be expensive and stressful, so we are committed to transparent communication and being a true partner with you. For more information about our engine tune-up services, call St. Paul Automotive at 651-298-0956 or stop by our auto shop on Randolph Avenue.