Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

Even though life may be moving more slowly these days because of a national health crisis, we still rely heavily on our automobiles. Until life gets back to normal, we have little choice but to drive more carefully than ever and do what we can to avoid direct contact with others. When our car or truck breaks down during normal times, it feels like an inconvenience. If our car or truck breaks down during a pandemic, we increase our risk of exposure by having to call for help.

Preventative Maintenance for your Car

Just as it is true with health maintenance that prevention is the key, it is also true in automotive maintenance that prevention is the key. St. Paul Automotive makes a commitment to providing you with high quality vehicle maintenance, excellent customer service, clear communication and affordable pricing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also increasing our safety measures to keep our customers and our staff safe.

Below are some recommendations we have for regular vehicle maintenance, and of course if your vehicle has a specific issue, you are always welcome to contact us with your questions.

Tires & brakes: Your car’s contact with the road surface, and your ability to stop when you need to, are the most essential functions of driving. We can check the tread on your vehicle’s tires to ensure they have enough tread to maintain a safe connection with the road surface. We can also check the amount of wear on your brake pads and rotors.

Electrical systems: The electrical systems of modern vehicles are extremely complex. If your car’s electrical system is not working the way it should, your car will not operate properly. Worse, you could find yourself stranded at an inconvenient time. Your vehicle’s electrical systems include the battery and the alternator, each of which controls sub-systems, which include everything from cabin lights to exhaust fans and climate control mechanisms. If you have noticed that your vehicle has trouble starting, the issue could be with your battery or alternator, though it can be difficult for someone without training to identify the cause.

Transmission: If you have noticed a loss of power or acceleration, you could have a problem with something as simple as a fuel filter or spark plugs. But it could also indicate a problem with your transmission. It is important to catch transmission problems as soon as possible, which is why we recommend bringing your vehicle in to us if you notice anything of a suspicious nature happening with the way your vehicle is driving.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in St. Paul

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