Keeping Your Car Safe When You Drive

It may seem too simple to make a statement about the importance of your car or truck’s ability to maintain contact with the road, but the truth is that that importance simply cannot be overstated. The team at St. Paul Automotive can help you stay safe on the road. So, what are the ways in which a car that is being operated in normal and safe ways can lose suitable contact with the road? One of the most common ways is the result of tires with too little tread remaining or tread that has somehow been damaged or compromised. The tread of your vehicle’s tires grips the road, using friction to ensure that it goes where you intend it to go. If your car’s tires no longer have deep enough tread to grip the road, it is more likely that you can find yourself skidding on slick roads or hydroplaning when there is a sheath of water on the road. When your car hydroplanes, it is effectively airborne, which means that steering and stopping become difficult or even impossible.

Your vehicle can also lose contact with the road surface when the suspension system is compromised. If you drive an older vehicle, or if the vehicle you drive is frequently driven on punishing surfaces, the ability of your vehicle to absorb bumps and potholes is diminished over time. As strange as it is to say, you would likely be better off with an immediately noticeable problem, as opposed to one that gets gradually worse over time. No damage to your suspension system is ever good news, but an immediate problem makes itself known. The problem that gets worse over time increases the possibility of losing control in a situation when you believe you should have control.

Brake and Suspension System Repair in MN

And that gradual loss of control is what occurs when a driver gets used to the changes that take place over time. Struts and shock absorbers lost their ability to withstand the imperfections in the road surface, and it is actually possible for the tires of your vehicle to momentarily rise above the surface of the road. Stopping your car relies on friction, but when there is space between a tire and the road, there is no friction, which means you cannot stop your car when you need to.

We can help get your brakes and suspension system back into proper working order and we can provide recommendations for tire replacement when that is needed. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment.