Local Auto Repair Shop

Let’s be honest, we have all shopped at a chain before. Chain restaurants, chain clothing stores, chain hardware stores, there is a chain on pretty much every single corner. Now don’t get us wrong, some chains are good. There is a great benefit in buying a shirt half price because it’s not selling halfway across the country. However, when you decide to go to a chain for a specific service, you will likely be losing your money. St. Paul Automotive is your local auto repair shop that has been trusted for over 35 years. Repairing and servicing St. Paul, South St. Paul and East St. Paul since 1980, we are your number one choice for automotive repair in the area.

Automotive Chains vs. Local Service

There is something about really knowing your auto mechanic. At St. Paul Automotive, we feel that our business has been successful due to the trusted relationship we have with our customers. Everytime you talk with us on the phone or in person, our team will provide you with professionalism and honesty. We deliver quality work and concise quotes. There’s no scheming at our local auto repair shop either. When you walk into a chain, employees may have to meet quotas and sell certain products. They may push you towards an unnecessary service that you likely do not need. At our local auto repair shop, we only want to do what’s best for you, your budget, and your vehicle. This is what makes our local shop so affordable. We have no national agenda, just serving you and fixing your vehicle.

Our Services

As a local auto repair shop, we can do everything that a chain can and more! Clear and concise quotes about what is going on with your vehicle is our daily routine. We offer the following services for St. Paul and the surrounding areas:
● Brake Jobs
● Tire Rotations and Repair
● Engine Tune Ups
● Fleet Maintenance
● Electrical Repairs
● Battery Replacement
● Alternator Replacement
● Driveability
● Special Services
● Suspension and Alignment
● Mufflers and Exhaust
● Radiator and Cooling
● Heating and Air Conditioning
● Transmission and Driveline
● Lubrication and Maintenance

No matter what is going on with your car or truck, St. Paul Automotive can diagnose the problem, give you a concise and affordable quote, and then work to fix the problem fast and efficiently. We have state of the art auto repair technology, ASE-certified technicians, and a reliable and trustworthy history to keep us going for many years to come. So, visit your local auto repair shop today. St. Paul Automotive serves St. Paul, East St. Paul, and South St. Paul. Call us today at (651) 298-0956.