Local St Paul Auto Repair Shop

As we see new signs that our lives may be returning to normal following more than a year in a global health crisis, many people are getting out and driving more. There are also signs that people who had been considering moving from one location to another are making such moves, and that means more people are coming to the St. Paul area and will be looking to identify an auto repair shop they can trust. St. Paul Automotive is a local auto shop that you can trust with your vehicle.

Fair Prices And Professional Service For Your Vehicle Repair

St. Paul may be a big city, but it has a small town feeling to it. That is due in large part to the commitment made by local businesses to get to know customers and convey that they want them to come back time after time. St. Paul Automotive believes that repeat customers are the true heart of our business. We have become an important part of our community by demonstrating our commitment to fair treatment of our customers and fair pricing for our services. If you have questions about what we find with your vehicle, we will be happy to answer them as thoroughly and completely as possible. You can count on us to be honest with you with those answers.

The other equally important pillar of our work is professional expertise. Fair treatment of customers and fair pricing for parts and service does not go very far if the technicians working on your vehicle do not know much about auto mechanics. Fortunately, our technicians are skilled and experienced in all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair. We can complete routine maintenance like tire rotation, battery replacement and heating/AC repairs. We can also help you with more complicated problems like suspension issues, brake repairs, transmission problems and electrical repairs.

Trusted Auto Shop In St. Paul, MN

Our staff are every bit as confident in classic vehicle repair and maintenance as they are in modern vehicle repair and maintenance. We are a trusted source for people who need help restoring a vintage automobile, we are a trusted source for people with brand new vehicles, and we are a trusted source for people who own cars anywhere in between. If you love your vehicle because it is exotic and flawless, or if you love your car because it is old and beaten up, you will find that our staff matches your passion and love for your vehicle. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule service or to ask any questions you may have.