Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

St. Paul Automotive is a reputable auto repair shop in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area for all the right reasons. Our crew does good work, always treats customers respectfully, and our business model is based on creating a strong feeling of customer loyalty. What sets our team apart from the many other auto shops in the area is our commitment to honest, open communication with each and every one of our customers. St. Paul Automotive cares about its clients and works hard to keep them.

Minnesota Auto Repair Shop That You Can Trust

When you trust your car to an automotive shop for any important repair, you want to know that your mechanic is trustworthy. The fact is, customers must take a leap of faith when we drop off our vehicles. After all, very few customers actually could complete the repairs themselves — so, we must trust auto technicians to perform the service correctly. Many automotive repair shops overlook the basic trust that is given when the car keys are passed from the customer to the technician. St. Paul Automotive is different — we understand that you are depending on us to do our job and that you likely need to be careful how you spend your money.

Our crew knows that you can take your car to any repair shop in the area. So when you choose to take your car to our shop, we commit to showing our appreciation by treating you fairly, respectfully, and honestly. St. Paul Auto is different because the staff wants to help you feel confident in their assessments of your car’s issues. St. Paul Automotive is invested in doing good business. But money is not our only motivation for generating business. We want you to come back if and when your car needs service, and we want you to feel good about your decision.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services, MN

Once you have taken your car or truck to St. Paul Auto, you will understand their commitment to making the necessary repairs to keep your car safe and in good working order. Our team can complete a wide variety of repairs including:

● Brake jobs
● Tire rotations and repair
● Engine tune ups
● Electrical repairs
● Battery replacement
● Alternator replacement
● Drivability and safety assessment
● Suspension and alignment work
● Muffler and exhaust repair
● Heating and air conditioning
● Transmission work
● Lubrication and overall maintenance

St. Paul Automotive trains our mechanics not only to fix your car, but to solve problems. We have all had the experience of discovering a problem with our car that causes our mechanics to scratch their heads. And we certainly all know the frustration of identifying a problem and then being unable to duplicate it when in the presence of our mechanic. St. Paul Auto’s mechanics will think critically about the issue, consider all possibilities, and include you in the conversation about the best way to approach the repair. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to set up a time for our team to look at your vehicle.