Most Trusted Brake Shop in St. Paul Since 1980

St. Paul Automotive is arguably the best brake shop in the St. Paul area and one of the best in the whole state. What makes our shop different? Our 100% commitment to honesty and our commitment to treating our customers well is what has helped us build our reputation.  The best way to build customer loyalty is to treat your customers well, and to establish and maintain trust.  One area we specialize in is on brake repairs.  Your brakes are one of the most (if not the most) important safety features in your entire car.  If your brakes are not in optimal condition, the safety of your passengers is at risk.  Waste no time getting your brakes looked at if you think you might have a problem.

Auto Shop Specializing in Brake Repair

When you put your car in the hands of an auto shop for any kind of brake repair, you are entrusting your safety to that shop.  We work very hard to earn this trust by being open about our analysis of your brakes and clear about our recommendations for repair.   If you cannot trust your mechanic to apply expertise and conscientiousness about safety to your brakes, your safety is put at risk.  We understand that and as a result we prioritize doing only excellent and top notch work on your brakes.

St. Paul Auto works hard to help you feel confident in our diagnostics, especially regarding brake repair and replacement. We want to do good business and succeed.  But taking money for sub-par repairs is not only bad business, it is unsafe business.  The only way to guarantee your coming back to our business is if we demonstrate excellence in the work we do.  And there is no more important business in auto repair than your brakes. We realize that you can take your car to any mechanic.  When you bring your car to St. Paul Auto, we always try to show our appreciation by treating you fairly, respectfully, and honestly.  When your brakes need repairing, the stakes for maintaining your trust get higher.

Experienced Brake Shop, St. Paul

We hire our mechanics not only to fix your car, but to inspire you to come back to us when your car needs work in the future.  Because cars are machines, they all eventually need work.  And because your brakes are among the most important single components of your car we will make sure your repairs are done right.  Our mechanics will consider everything that may be wrong with your brakes and work methodically through the checklists of things that must be done in order to sign off on their safety.

Your brakes are important to us because you are important to us.  To schedule an appointment, you can call St. Paul Automotive at 651-298-0956.  We will be happy to set up a time to look at your car.