Most Trusted Local Auto Repair Shop

St. Paul Automotive is an example of a small business that has had a sizable impact on its community. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail within their first year of opening, and a common reason for that failure is that they try to do much too soon. As a result, they extend beyond their capacities and end up as just one more small business statistic. Sadly, many of those businesses had the potential to be important and substantial contributors to the communities they aimed to serve. So, what has allowed St. Paul Automotive to become such a successful and important contributor to its communities? There are many reasons, but the primary one is that we started off focused on a manageable number of auto repair categories and gradually expanded our areas of expertise.

Sustainable Small Business Growth

There are lots of small businesses in St. Paul that can offer good auto repair and maintenance. But few can offer their customers reliable repairs in every category of auto maintenance and do this without engaging in price gouging or pushing unnecessary services on customers who may not know better. Equally important to our auto repair knowledge, experience and expertise is good customer service. Our small business has succeeded, because we know that we rely on our customers to trust our automotive knowledge, judgment, and pricing.

Establishing trust with the people in our communities allowed us to expand our offerings to include such services as transmission and driveline repair. Not all auto repair shops are able to provide these types of more complex auto repairs. St. Paul Automotive can because we have built our expertise slowly and surely to include services that other repair shops cannot. Achievable goals and responsible growth have also allowed us to offer fleet vehicle service. If we had not established our business acumen early in our business’s existence, it would have been extremely difficult to add fleets to our service offerings, and almost certainly would have overextended us. But we took the time to deepen our knowledge of the basics, and then expanded when we were able to accommodate it.

Excellent Auto Repair Services And Customer Service

As a result, our customers tend to view St. Paul Automotive as one of their reliable and predictable sources of auto help in the area. Most of us rely on our vehicles, and all vehicles develop problems at one time or another. St. Paul Automotive is a place where you can feel good about taking yours.

Feel free to call us at (651) 298-0956 with any questions.